The beginning and the end, both are nothing but illusions, we are always in the middle… We are stricken by situations
Like a word stricken by the “text & context” situation… stricken by the situation of the one who says it and where it is said… in the middle of the text, as if being situated in a calendar, we open our eyes to the world of situations
As it’s been said that “Man is born freely only to be in chains wherever they go”, we are born into situations, we live and die in them
The non-collection presented under the title “Situation” is the fruit of such a view, adopting “staged photography” technics, it is here after 5 months of hard work by the members of non-art group, in winter and spring of 2014.
Produced by: non-art
A collaboration by: Kian Kiani & Bahram Rameh
Designed & Performed by: Kian Kiani
Edited & Photographed by: Bahram Rameh
Editing Adviser: Havas Hemmati
Continuity Person: Negin MoqaddarDust
Thanks For All Your Support :
Zakaria qaemi, ‎Bizhan Araabi, Arash Moaddel Haghighi, Nikoo Tarkhani, Ali Ettehad,Ali Najmodin, Faranak Moradi, Amir Soleymani, Elahe Maddah, Sohrab Moradi Haghighi, Asad Pahlevan, Farshid Doosti, Ali Asghar Sabbaghian, Abed Mirmasoumi, Mohsen Rameh,
Vahide Akbari, Marzieh Mozi, Ramin Tarahomi, Farhad Mahdizade